Do you have a company website?

The importance of having a company website Like it or not the internet is the single biggest provider of information in the world today and in many cases companies that have not transitioned to having an internet presence are becoming irrelevant. In order to find what they want an increasingly large number of people no longer rely on telephone directories but instead use a search engine.  The problem with search engines is that they can naturally only search the internet for the answer to the persons query.  If your company has no presence on the internet you will have not presence on search engines and as a result will lose potential clients to companies that do have a web presence.  Put simply, for a growing number of people, if you don’t exist on the internet you simply don’t exist. If you are unfamiliar with building a website or website design you may feel that the cost of creating your own web presence will be too high.  Considering the amount of lost revenue from not having a web presence you should look upon a webpage as an investment but the costs may be far lower than you think.  A small company does not necessarily require an extensive site with awe inspiring graphics requiring many hours work by costly design firms.  The average company simply needs a webpage which is attractive, explains the fundamentals of what your company does and gives potential clients the information they need to contact you. Think about what you think your company image is and what your company would like to be known for.  Once you have an idea of what you want start contacting web design firms.  Explain what you’re looking for and ask them what it’s likely to cost.  If you can both agree on what you want and what it will cost you’re well on your way to joining your competitors on the internet. *Article taken from The Business Magazine to read the full article click here!