Marketing Development

Developing your marketing right takes a unique combination of art, science and insight. Inspired Marketing Solutions, Inc., will use syndicated research, all available geographic, demographic and psychographic information. A thorough understanding of all media types and their role in people’s lives as well as media measurement tools such as reach and frequency analysis, CPM (cost per thousand), audience composition, and coverage analysis to make sure we are on target. Then, to make sure we crunch the numbers again and check our instincts to make sure we are delivering the optimal plan.Marketing Development How do you know it works? We measure, assess, and continue to crunch the numbers until we are absolutely convinced that the media we promised is the media that is delivered. If our analysis shows that media is under delivering, we go back and negotiate bonus placements to make sure you get what you pay for. Since we do our homework upfront, we are able to seek out and identify or create the best value added program available. In this day and age of media conglomerates, value added has reached new heights; cross media and event promotions are often available as part of a buy. That is if you have the relationships and you understand your clients target audiences.