Reward “Your Fans” Loyalty

Implement games & rewards mechanics to engage your fans. By empowering and rewarding your fans for their engagement using badges and real-value gifts, you will increase their motivation to continue to engage with your brand, building brand loyalty and ultimately resulting in ROI.

From now on, IMS provides you with a unique and real-time solution to the question, “How do I reward my fans’ interaction with my brand and encourage future interaction?”.

The basic rewarding of desired behavior is provided through recognition and empowerment. Your fans are displayed and ranked relative to their friends, based on the points they earn by being active and engaged. We also provide you with a badge system, easily implemented for any of your fans’ actions you choose.

The value cycle is completed by rewarding the fans with gifts and prizes from your own private gift store. Points are converted to virtual currency for the purchase of virtual or real gifts.